Understanding your people means
understanding your business

People bring value to your organisation with their:


Intellectual capital

The intellectual capital is the collective knowledge of the individuals in your organisation. This knowledge can be used to create value for your customers,  gain competitive advantage, and/or to enhance value of other types of capital.


Social and relationship capital

Social and relationship capital are the networks and relationships of your people in your organisation. This includes the trust and goodwill your employees have acquired over the years. The relative performance of your people and your organisation depends strongly on your social and relationship capital.


Human Capital

Human capital is the combination of your employees health, motivation, personality and skills. Human capital is the life of the organisation. Without the right people, in the right place, at the right time the organisation will not work.

Until now measuring these unique individual traits
has been a very subjective task. 

Vita.io is the worlds first people analytics dashboard that translates individual behaviour into actionable insights that will help you grow your organisation!


With Vita.io you can get realtime insights in the available intellectual, social and human capital of your organisation.

What is Vita.io people analytics?

Vita.io people analytics means translating individual behaviour into actionable insights. We provide a holistic view of your employees unique traits without violating their privacy. With these insights (HR) Leaders have the tools that will help them grow their organisation. Our software consists of three core modules:


The knowledge graph is a model for determining the readily available knowledge in your organisation. (HR) Leaders can use to identify risks, create a strategy and monitor progress.


The sentiment index gives you real time insights in your organisations happiness. Happy people perform significantly better in terms of for example productivity and work quality.


The social graph show you realtime the existing social networks in your organisation. Research shows that no other factor is more important in predicting an employees succes than his or her social network.

Are you ready!



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