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Companies spend most of their money on people


Of CEO’s recognised
that they need a
better people strategy


Of them thinks that
HR has the tools to
accomplish this task

Vita.IO allows you to identify,
develop and manage people
based on two factors:

Knowledge &

The things you have
been taught to do

Drive &

The things you
really want to do

We believe in “People first”

Which means the right people, in the right place at the right moment in time.

The right people are people with the right combination of drive & motivation and knowledge & experience.

The right place is a place where they are enabled to do what they do best.

The right moment in time is when that employee is performing the job that is aligned to the business strategy.

This combination creates value for business and creates happy people that love their job.

Let's bring science to HR!

Basically we are teaching our computers something we teach our children in elementary school.
Reading comprehension.

By analysing communication patterns, can analyse peoples behavior.

Our algorithms return a combination of different factors such as the topic, sentiment, network activity and other factors.

These sets of data help us
deliver the analytics you need.

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